What can Magento do?

Probably the most important information that is superfluous is the various functions of Magento. When it comes to the “basic structure”, i.e. web design, Magento provides a lot of freedom. Animations, as well as photos and videos, can be easily integrated. This is mainly promoted by the so-called “drag-and-drop” tool. Check-outs can also be easily added.

You can also use Magento to increase conversation rates by making it easy for you to set up custom ads. These are then published on social media platforms or other sites, depending on your own needs. For example, the ads can be set up and displayed according to occupational class, age, or gender.

In addition, Magento offers a high level of transparency for balanced teamwork. A dashboard view can always be used to track which changes have been made and when.
With Magento, you can add and edit every detail of the shop. This will be beneficial for product selection. This means that you can specify some products that have a higher priority in the shop. This shows that Magento is multifaceted and offers many different tools to give you the best possible shop offers.

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