Magento vs. Prestashop

Prestahop is also one of the giants when it comes to free development software. This is also the main advantage. There are no fees for using Prestashop. In terms of performance, this is comparable to the open-source software from Magento, which is also available for free download.

Similar to WooCommerce, Prestashop tends to appeal to small shops and start-ups. However, here, too, minimum knowledge is required for the development of your online shop. You have to be familiar with HTML and CSS in order for you to use Prestashop. Therefore, similar to Magento, they get a lot of help from professional agencies.

The extensions that you add, also require a fee in return. So if you need a larger or more complex online shop, the paid Magenta version is more worthwhile. With the many tools and functions, a SEO-optimized online shop can be developed. There are monthly running costs and license fees that will pop up, but these pay off through your proper running online shop.

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