Which ERP systems are suitable for Magento?

Magento provides the basic framework for a well-structured but complex online shop, but every shop also needs its merchandise management system. This is where the data relating to inventory, orders and customer data is saved. It is important that the system fulfills its purpose independently of Magento.

Only then can both software be linked to one another. This has the advantage that all orders placed in the online shop are forwarded directly to the merchandise management system. In this way, you and the customer can be informed directly whether the desired order also correlates with the stock level.

Now the only question that remains is whether all merchandise management systems are compatible with Magento. In principle, all systems are suitable. However, there are some platforms where collaborations work better. This includes the following merchandise management systems:

• Say Office line
• Safe Classic line
• lexware
• Actindo
• Office +
• After Buy
• ERP complete
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Europe 3000
• pulse
• Pixi
• Exact Globe ERP
• Factura XP
• Sync4
• Interesys
• Proddix

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