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The best deployment process for Shopware 6

We push our local changes to bitbucket specific/feature branches created from the stage(develop) branch.

Vegim Selimaj
Back-end developer

How do we show emotions about New Year in e-commerce?

Emotional branding establishes itself as a critical factor in developing brand loyalty and increased loyalty driven by emotional branding, in turn, this leads to higher sales.

Learta Kalaveshi
UX/UI Designer

Image auditing from Lighthouse for Shopware 6

The main strategy for providing images in the right size is the use of so-called “responsive images”.

Shefqet Maloku
Back-end Developer

International tax management for e-commerce

The term electronic commerce (e-commerce) refers to a business model that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell goods and services through the Internet.

Eriona Osmani

My experience with Shopware

Developing the best software for e-commerce is not so easy. It is required a careful assessment of the unique needs of the features and tools available.

Egzon Baftiu
Front-End Developer

How to add new attributes in Front from Shopware 6 categories and Products

An online shop aims to fulfill the main goal of being the best provider of products, to have the largest reach possible, and more importantly to meet all the requirements of customers so that the procedure of selection and purchase of products is straightforward and safe.

Fjolla Zatriqi
Front-End Developer


This year is considered as a year of new experiences and successes.

Bardhi Rama

Pagespeed optimization in Shopware 6

Various statistics have proven that rapid page speed can contribute to users staying on your page due to the pleasant experience.

Vegim Selimaj
Lead Shopware Developer

What is a product configurator?

In essence, the product configuration is a collaborative effort between the user and the product configurator.

Andi Demi
Front-end Developer

Cross-Selling, Upselling, and Related Products

Using cross-selling, upselling, and showing related products in Shopware or any web shop is very important.

Arben Dodaj
Front-end Developer

Products’ variants configuration in Shopware 6

When a product’s property has more than one value, it should be assumed that the product is available in two or more variants.

Fjolla Zatriqi
Shopware Developer

Facts About Social Media Advertising during Holidays

In the marketing world, during festive times opportunities should be sought to broaden your market, by reaching out with special social media campaigns.

Uvejs Hashani
Digital Marketing

Product Importing API

Another positive side of inserting the products by API is that it allows the user to make different modifications and conditioning based on their demands.

Genti Sheholli
Shopware Developer

Creating a plugin in shopware 6

A plugin is the main way to extend your Shopware 6 instance programmatically.

Andi Dika
Shopware Developer

Social Media During Christmas Time

How should a Christmas marketing strategy be planned? What are the best digital platforms for consumer engagement?

Buleza Ejupi
Digital Marketing

The Importance of UX in E-commerce

Being able to navigate, shop, and checkout on a mobile device is extremely important, as mobile sales are expected to account for over half of all e-commerce in 2021.

Dren Kelmendi
UX/UI Designer

Shopware – modular e-commerce shop system

Because Shopware offers the operator plenty of room for maneuver and independence, the backend can be used by beginners without any experience.

Valma Hasani
Shopware Developer

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