That’s why you should migrate to Shopware 6 now!

Starting in 2024, Shopware 5 will no longer receive security updates, resulting in security vulnerabilities. Additionally, Shopware 6 provides numerous new features and improvements.


Shopware 5 will no longer be supported after 2024, which means there will be no more security updates. In contrast, Shopware 6 provides frequent security updates and patches to shield your online store from security flaws.


Shopware 6's enhanced performance enables your online store to be more responsive. There are other new features that boost usability and increase the overall consumer experience.

New Features

With additional tools and opportunities to create and grow your online shop, Shopware 6 offers more flexibility. With the new design engine and the ability to manage multiple sales channels, you can adapt and enhance your e-commerce strategy.

Waiting for Shopware 6? Migrate securely with us right away.

This is how Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 differ.

Tools, Features, and Security - Shopware 6 has undergone extensive optimization. Solution25 has provided you with a summary of the key differences:

CSS preprocessor
Symphony 3
php Framework
Symphony 4
Custom styling mit less
Bootstrap 4 + custom styling
Vanilla JS (ES6)
Frontend Framework
Bootstrap 4

Now new: Our plugin allows for the migration of orders.

We quickly and safely migrate all of your online store's data. Even order migration is feasible with our in-house built plugin.

  • Products
  • Translations
  • Categories
  • Shipping methods
  • Customer information
  • Payment methods
  • Orders
  • SEO URLs
migrate shopware

3 step migration process

With our extensive knowledge, we can quickly transition your store to Shopware 6. We guarantee comprehensive quality oversight at all times.



We obtain a general understanding of the volume of data and plugins involved before we begin the conversion.



Without having any noticeable impact on your customers while they are shopping, our team of skilled developers will move all data.


Quality Control

We check that the migration was successful and that all of the data was moved safely afterward.

Successful migration guaranteed

Count on our broad expertise and technical experience!

Successful Projects

25+ Migrations

More than 25 online stores have successfully switched to Shopware 6 with our assistance.

Years of Experience

4+ years of experience

Our team of experienced developers will migrate all data without any visible impact on your users in the shop.

High Success Rate

100% Success

After the migration, we ensure that it has been successfully completed, and all data has been securely transferred.

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Frequently Asked Questions

20. Can I perform the migration myself, or do I need the support of an expert?

Die Migration sollte von technisch erfahrenen Entwicklern durchgeführt werden. Aufgrund der Komplexität der Migration und der möglichen Auswirkungen auf den laufenden Betrieb des Shops empfehlenswert, sollte dies also immer von erfahrenen Experten gehandhabt werden.

Was passiert mit meinen bisherigen Shopware 5-Daten und Inhalten?

Alle Daten und Inhalte werden in der Regel erfolgreich in Shopware 6 migriert.

Kann ich meine bisherigen Plugins und Erweiterungen weiterhin nutzen?

Viele Plugins und Erweiterungen für Shopware 5 sind nicht kompatibel mit Shopware 6 und müssen daher aktualisiert oder durch alternative Lösungen ersetzt werden.

Wie viel kostet die Migration von Shopware 5 zu Shopware 6?

Die Kosten für die Migration hängen von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, wie beispielsweise der Größe und Komplexität des Shops sowie dem Umfang der Anpassungen. In der Regel können wir die Kosten jedoch durch eine gründliche Planung und Vorbereitung minimierten.