Magento vs. WordPress

WordPress is one of the first and most popular easy developed software. Like Magento open source, WordPress can be used free of charge. WordPress is particularly suitable for developing content sites and small online shops. Magento, on the other hand, only covers online shop development.

Both softwares require some basic knowledge regarding shop development. Terms such as HTML codes or CSS should be known before using both platforms. If you are stuck in this part, however, you have to seek external help from professional agencies for both platforms.

One difference, however, is that paid MagentoCommerce shops are already SEO-optimized. This creates a technically “clean” page, which the Google Crawler takes into account. With WordPress this has to be done independently, which consumes a lot of time. Therefore, many commercial shops go directly to Magento.

WordPress is characterized above all by unique themes and templates that can be used directly without much effort, however, as a platform, it can also be very limiting in some areas. Magento on the other hand does not set up any barriers. Web designers have complete artistic freedom and can integrate all individual customer requests.

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