Magento vs. Shopware

Of course, it is not a must to create an online shop with the help of Magento, as there are many alternatives. One of them is Shopware, which is particularly suitable for simpler and “low budget” shops. In comparison, the software giants also differ in other ways. A significant difference is that you only get 24/7 support for customers in the paid version from Magento. Shopware, on the other hand, offers customer support in all languages.

The most important difference between the two software, however, lies in the selection of tools and extensions. Magento offers significantly more variety, which means that complex and, above all, large online shops can be developed. Shopware cannot really keep up with the Magento’s paste, but it does not incur as many costs as Magento charges.

One final factor that should influence your choice between Shopware and Magento is your customer base. If this is only in the local area, Shopware could be sufficient. But if you also want to market your products internationally, i.e. in Europe or worldwide, you should work with Magento. In this way, the pages can be easily translated into different languages.

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