Who should use Magento?

Magento started as open-source software, and to this day it is still available for free downloading. This is particularly suitable for simple online shops or content pages. In just a few steps you can create your personal page, in form of a blog. However, if you need professional help for this as well, it is much cheaper to do so with the open-source software.

When the open-source software proved to be very successful, and the demand for professional online shops increased, Magento developed the paid commerce software. This is particularly suitable for companies that require a complex online shop. Although this requires higher costs, the shop is usually created with the help of assigned agencies.

Practical tools such as the B2B function or the social media link can be used and implemented. The cost of Magento Commerce is calculated from various factors. One factor of this is the size of the online shop and how much effort it requires. In addition, there is a contribution that is adjusted to shop sales.

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