What makes a professional Magento shop?

A lot can go wrong with an online shop during the checkout process.

The tools below should be considered:

Request for quote. The Request for Quote function is particularly suitable for shop operators who also want to market their products to large companies. Since large companies also order in corresponding quantities, volume discounts are often expected that are not integrated due to individual requirements. With Request for Quote, the customer can send a form with the stated price claim on request. This form is then integrated by Magento and sent directly to you so that you can agree to the customer or name a different price. This prevents a lot of waiting time and the associated loss of customers.

Check out. The customer arrives at the checkout when he has made the product selection and then wants to proceed to the purchase. With Magento, the checkout can be integrated to match the design of the shop. If necessary, the customer can log into his customer account and enter the contact and delivery address as well as the means of payment. If the customer leaves a professional impression here, the purchase is as good as certain. However, if the checkout is slow or a sloppy layout is displayed, the customer becomes suspicious.

Advanced Shipping. The Advanced Shipping function is an assistance for customers and shop owners. The weight of the individual products can be specified via Magento. If the customer then selects his products, this has the advantage that the weights are compiled and the shipping is calculated automatically. The customer can thus calculate his budget better, the warehouse clerks can better assess the packaging format and pass it on directly to the shipping service provider. For international orders, additional fees are automatically calculated.

Delivery date scheduler and tracking. Shipping plays an extremely important role for customers. With the help of the date scheduler, either the date can be displayed when the delivery of the product is due or the customer can decide by calendar when the product should be delivered. The customer is then given a tracking number immediately after placing the order so that they can follow the delivery status until the product arrives.

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