What is Shopware?

Shopware is a modular shop system, available free of charge as an open-source application. There are also paid versions with extended functionality and manufacturer support. This e-commerce solution was developed in Germany in 2004. Versions 1 to 5 were classic shop systems with CMS functionalities. For each version there have been implemented a large number of extensions, in order for basic systems to be adapted to individual user needs. While version 5 will be maintained by the manufacturer until at least 2024, version 6 has been on the market since May 2019.

It has a different technological basis than its predecessor versions. Hence, version 6 is enabled by the API-first strategy.

Headless commerce. With this type of IT architecture, the backend (data storage and business logic) and the frontend (external appearance) are separate from one another instead of being connected, as is the case with conventional online shop software. The various software components are connected via high-performance interfaces (APIs). As a result, several small island solutions have to communicate with one another. These independently functioning shop system solutions offer an optimal display on various viewing media such as desktop computers, tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches, or smartphones. The content can also be created to harmonize the channel. This also makes it possible to address individual customer groups in a more targeted manner using individual front ends. After all, the user experience with a marketplace like eBay, for example, is very different from that with voice commerce like Amazon Alexa.

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