For who is Shopware suitable for?

As a professional e-commerce platform for the broad market, Shopware is suitable for online shops of all sizes. However, there are different editions of the respective versions. For small shops, the free Community Edition is sufficient in most cases, although this version does not contain direct support from the manufacturer, only a wiki and a forum. This edition enables any number of categories, articles and customers to be easily managed. Plugins are available in the Community Store – both free and paid.

The Professional Edition is aimed primarily at medium-sized shops. This is an additional feature for commercial licenses.

Content. This includes options for digital publishing and storytelling, but also for the ERP system. The edition entitles you to use manufacturer support, maintenance and warranty rights. From version 5 there is also the Professional Plus Edition, in which, in addition to the functions of the Professional Edition, all so-called “Premium Plug-ins” from Shopware AG can be used.

The Enterprise Edition is primarily intended for large shops. Here the added value compared to the Professional Edition lies in the possibility of handling large amounts of traffic. Furthermore, it offers around-the-clock developer support, personal advice, and the possibility of seller integration.

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