How much does Shopify cost?

The creation of an online shop always involves costs, which are gauged by Shopify. However, in order to be able to calculate the costs, you need to comprehend the different versions that Shopify offers.

The first version is the Shopify Basic Version. This is the most affordable version at $ 29 a month. You can establish this version if your shop is to be kept simple. You will only get access to the most important functions. This includes, for example, checkouts or customer logins. All other functions must be booked separately. This means that although Shopify Basic gives you a functional online shop, it cannot be distinguished by its individuality.

The second and most popular variant is the “standard” version of Shopify, for a higher monthly price than Shopify Basic, with a totality of $ 79. This package is more worthwhile since it has more established functions such as checkout and certificate functions. This privileges you to enable customers to apply for these features and redeem gift certificates. This also applies to discount codes, thus, you show a customer-keen demeanor. Furthermore, in this package, you can also obtain regular reports. This way you can keep track what’s the status of your store, what’s generating a lot of traffic, and where your page errors lie, which should be addressed immediately. You also have to pay a percentage on credit card billing.

The last Shopify tariff presented here is called Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus. At a price of $ 299 a month, it does add features to your package that are worth the price which makes your shop maintenance way easier than the ones above. Shopify Plus allows you to create your reports and get engaged more than ever. This means that errors can be repaired much faster, which highly benefits search engine optimization to rank higher in giant selling platforms. You and your customers will also receive an informative overview of shipping costs.

Keep in mind, the general Shopify costs that are charged in each package must be carefully observed. On the poztive side, whoever signs an annual contract pays less per month. However, if your customer pays with a payment provider and doesn’t pay Shopify Payment in the process, you will have to pay additional fees. The cloud system that Shopify uses, also indicates that no interfaces for merchandise management systems or Amazon can be created manually. That means you have to get yourself an additional third-party vendor that will incur additional costs. You also have to pay an additional amount for e-mail accounts and the rented domain. Since you do not have to handle your hosting, because of the server already being incorporated in the cloud, this is automatically calculated in the monthly amount.

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