Can you connect Amazon to Shopify?

Amazon is one of the most profitable sales channels in the world. According to studies, the likelihood that a customer will order a product from Amazon is much higher than from other known online shops. It is therefore all the more important that your Shopify online shop to be connected to Amazon.

Step 1: the listing

First of all, it is important to clarify which requirements must be met in order for you to sell your products on Amazon. This is not done automatically when listing is being done.
During the process of listing you can select specific products which you want to sell through Amazon. For other requirements, an Amazon account is required. This is then connected to your Shopify online shop via an interface. The listing, which can be created in advance and also afterwards, is sent to Amazon for further checks. If you have a large number of products for Amazon, it is very difficult to select them by listing. Inventory file templates can be used instead.

Step 2: the approval

Your category will then be determined in further testing. Because not all categories are approved at the same time, with electronic devices in particular, you may face difficulties due to licensing reasons. Keep in mind these are more exceptions than rules.

If Amazon has successfully reviewed your products, you will grant authorization to market products on Amazon.

Step 3: the EAN codes

Once you have received approval from Amazon, you can begin marketing each product. It is important to know that a unique EAN code is required for each product. This tells Amazon that your products are registered and verified. Initially, the number of products offered by Amazon is limited.

Step 4: the offer details

After you have sent codes to Amazon, the product details can be set afterwards. These demand a lot of patience, as you want to initiate a professional appearance to the customer. Good product marketing includes:

Product photos

Detailed descriptions

Individual adaptation

Link to your verified online shop

Make sure that your products are visible in high resolution. Customers must be able to see the products with high clarity by zooming the pictures. A detailed description must be available so that the customers are well informed and not get disappointed when their product arrives. It is also important that the customer is able to choose different colors and sizes if necessary. If you persist to do all these actions, the link to your professional online shop must be given. After all of these steps have been followed, nothing stands in the way of your shop appearing on Amazon sales.

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