What are the disadvantages of Shopify?

Despite many advantages, shop systems also have disadvantages. Shopware is no exception. It is important to know that these disadvantages often depend on your own needs. Before you dedicate yourself to Magento, Shopware or Shopify, you must first clarify your requirements.

How big should your online shop be?

Which or how many functions should be executed?

How much should you invest?

In what time frame should the shop be set up?

If these questions are able to answer these questions, the advantages and disadvantages of the shop system can be foreseen.

The costs

First of all, Shopify has a lot of costs. In contrast to the other shop giants, Shopify does not offer an open-source option, only a fee-based option. In addition, there are running costs, such as the monthly basic fee. The Shopify payment method is also often criticized. Because if both you and your customers use a payment method other than Shopify Payment, additional fees apply. So Shopify is one of the slightly more expensive options.

The backend

It is seen as an advantage since no special programming skills is required. But then at the same time, there is a clear disadvantage. Because all layouts are already preprogrammed, no more individual changes can be made. With individual features, one or the other function can be expanded, but a drastic change in the backend cannot be made.

The international market

In order to be competitive in the international market, it is important that the online shop is offered in as many languages as possible. With other shop systems such as Magento, this can be done with just a few settings. Shopify, on the other hand, requires a lot more effort. The language setting is not translated in the backend, but rather in the frontend. Not all currencies are supported by Shopify either.

The checkout

The checkout is one of the most important parts of an e-commerce store. If this does not work properly, the customer is very likely to cancel the purchase. With Shopify Plus in particular, the problem arises that the checkout is not directly integrated in the theme. Instead, you are led to another page and a change can no longer be made, which significantly limits the user-friendliness. In conclusion, this means for you to weigh up how devastating these disadvantages are to you and how it will impact your traffic.

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