Who should use Shopify?

In principle, Shopify is designed to suit all e-commerce stores. However, Shopify is recommended for smaller businesses and start-ups, since no great knowledge and effort of programming is required from your developers. This has its downsides, indicating that complex structures cannot be developed. This does not mean that at any point in the future, you cannot integrate any features according to your needs. You can always link social media to your shop, or get search engine optimization services at any time.
If these features are not enough for you, you can resort to Shopify, where extended premium versions of Shopify are available for you. However, this will require greater effort from your developers, meaning additional programming skills are expected. In terms of costs, Shopify will charge you more due to additional services provided. It is therefore important to find out which version of Shopify suits best your e-commerce store. This will help you determine whether Shopify or Shopify Plus is proper for you.

In order to show you the simplistic side of Shopify online shop, we will further guide you which steps should be taken. First of all, you must sign up to Shopify, where you will find navigation tips, which will help and provide an overview thanks to the given user-friendliness. The next step is to present the products in your shop. To do this, you have to enter the product name, upload a picture with a particularly high resolution and the corresponding product description. Then the template of your shop is selected. To achieve this, you can choose one of the two options.

Keep in mind that apart from the shop size and the purpose of your company, your location is a crucial factor as well. In the beginning, Shopify was only available in the English market. Due to the high number of users, however, the company succeeded in expanding its programs worldwide. That is why nowadays Shopify grants the multilingual service. This way you can address your customers globally and at the same time, give them the opportunity to translate their shop. If it is available, customers can pick their native language, and shop with great comfort and safety. The language setting can, however, also be noted in the URL.

In summary, this means that Shopify is suitable on the one hand for smaller companies and also for users with little e-commerce experience. If you want to claim a more complex shop, you have to contact Shopify Plus. Shopify is also worthwhile for shops with an international expansion.

If you want to learn more about e-commerce development platforms or apps, make sure to read our Shopware lexicon as well. Our dedicated outsourcing team can be your partner in e-commerce.