Introduction to React.js and why we use it

React.js was created by Facebook-based software engineer Jordan Walke. Simply put, it is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. With the help of React.js you can construct user interfaces that can be applied to one-page applications and also effectively deal with the application layer on the web and mobile.

React.js’s future potential in the field of application development can be measured by the number of large-scale online projects which have chosen the platform to operate with.

What are the advantages of using React.js?

We only operate on new technologies that enable us to work faster and more intuitively, and shorten the time between development and delivery. React.js makes this possible through the following elements:


React.js offers consistent code and offers extensive functionality that is expanding all the time. The mixture of the two creates greater productivity, at the same time facilitating ongoing maintenance.

Data is provided quickly

The upload engine used by React.js indicates that any changes to the data within a page can be uploaded fast on your devices, without the need to reload the entire page.


React.js is known for helping to construct SEO-friendly online applications, mandatory for every modern e-commerce business out there.

Native application development

React.js can build turbo-charged applications. The purpose of React.js native is to move desired projects to the mobile platforms without any effort required.

The Reusable feature

Using React.js means being able to split the developing website into reusable modules. Reusable modules were created for reducing execution time, increasing the probability that the prior testing has eliminated errors, and localizing code modifications when changes in implementation are needed.


Testing is undoubtedly a key factor for application development. React.js makes the testing process seem like a cakewalk. React.js views can be regarded as state functions, enabling React.js image manipulation and monitoring of a range of factors like triggered actions, events, functions, among others.

Why do we prefer to work with React.js?

The following are just some of the reasons why our skilled developers use React.js

Creating customized developments corresponding to clients’ preferences has always been our goal. React.js enables us to work closely with each client to build web applications that are scalable, secure, responsive to mobile devices, and rich with easy navigable features.

UI / UX application development on web / mobile

Our developers can harness the power of React.js to provide UI and UX development services that take advantage of the latest trends and technological developments and deliver web and mobile applications that are creative and visually appealing.

API development

We can provide custom API development services for your business requirements.