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When you want to buy something online, you probably don’t just look at the product information, you likely also want to know how much the product actually provides. And this is where customer reviews come in. 

What exactly are customer reviews?

Reviews are most often found either at the bottom or further down the middle of product pages and are written by people who have bought and tested the product. However, they can also be found on the homepage of a website. 

In addition to texts and descriptions, some websites also offer the function of rating scales. These are either just numbers from 1 to 5 or symbols such as stars or hearts. This is how reviews of companies and shops are best evaluated and make it easier for potential customers to classify individual reviews better. 

Why are customer reviews important?

The first thing most online shoppers do before making their purchase is to read customer reviews. If there are no reviews on a website, there is a good chance that the purchase will not be made. 

You should also remember that negative or general descriptions will not have a positive impact on your company or your products. 

How does a good customer review look like?

These criteria make a good customer rating: 

· Positive: Of course, your product should be bought by many potential customers. Therefore, a positive evaluation of your goods is particularly important 

· Detailed: The more information a review has, the more confident others who are interested in making a purchase feel 

· Well-written: A reasonable review with no or minimal spelling and grammatical errors appears more reputable and appeals to other customers 

· Honesty: No product is perfect, so even with positive reviews there can be small flaws or criticism. The most important thing for customers is that the product has been reasonably checked. 

· Photos: With illustrations, the customer rating looks much more authentic and convinces others to buy the product 

How do I get customer reviews?

In most cases, customers don’t leave reviews without a good reason. They are either very satisfied or noticeably dissatisfied. Here are some tips on how to get your customers to leave a review: 

· Call: When a customer has purchased and received your product, you should call them and ask if they could leave a review on your website if they’re satisfied. 

· Write: After every purchase, you should present an automated message that encourages your customers to provide feedback. 

· Simple and personal: Customers like to be heard. Address your customer by name, keep your request short and simple, but still direct. 

Influence of customer ratings in e-commerce

Customer ratings are of great importance in e-commerce and should not be underestimated. People’s trust in traditional advertising is falling, making it significantly harder for businesses to sell their products or services. Customer ratings online are seen as the new word of mouth. 

Because potential customers are more likely to believe other customers than a company that just wants to make a profit. Opinions are formed and interest is aroused through external experiences. For e-commerce, positive online reviews have an effective impact on social proof as they are the first port of call for potential buyers. 
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