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What is a project manager?

Project managers are people who use their exceptional organizational and communication abilities to oversee projects from beginning to end while acting as supervisors for their team. 

In order to accomplish the project within the agreed timeline, project managers typically follow a procedure that includes organizing and planning, managing tasks, budgeting, and cost control. Project managers are essential in any company.  

Important charactertics of Project Managers 

· Prioritization 

· Delegation 

· Good communication 

With these attributes and they offer value to their teams and businesses. They are specialists in assisting team members in recognizing and deconstructing complicated jobs into simpler ones. A project manager may occasionally be unsure of which task to prioritize. They will engage with their teams and stakeholders to gather information and create a plan in order to determine which ones are most important to the project’s success. Stakeholders are those with an interest in and an impact on the project’s success, such as an organization’s leader. 

Often, the project manager does not have direct supervisory responsibility for the team members. In this case, we’re talking about the project manager as someone who oversees a project’s tasks.  

But what exactly does that mean? Although project managers collaborate with a few other people on a project, they are usually not the one that supervises them on daily. They can accomplish far more as a team with the aid of one another.  

Each member of the team will be assigned a certain set of duties. And they’ll work together to make sure that everyone can contribute in their own unique way to the project’s advancement. Everyone will be an expert in their particular area of the project, but neither they nor the project managers will be educated about every part of it. For instance, the graphic designer will likely be more interested in visual design than copywriting. 

What is a Commercial Manager?

Commercial Managers are in charge of securing new business for a corporation, business, or organization, as well as managing the operational and financial aspects of projects. They typically have a portfolio of business partnerships to manage.  

They also oversee the budget and monitor all expenses related to major construction projects, and bargain prices with other vendors to obtain the services and materials required. To make sure deadlines are fulfilled, projects stay within a certain budget, and work will be treated highly. They supervise projects and keep an eye on plans. Commercial managers can find employment in a range of sectors. 

Where Commercial managers can work 

· Transportation 

· Logistics 

· Financial accounting 

· Reporting 

· Public administration 

The tasks that project managers and commercials managers perform are very similar. They supervise projects. The difference between the two is their work in contrasting sectors or industries. Project managers frequently operate in industries like ICT, software development, business strategies, and other related areas.  

Meanwhile, commercial managers typically focus on transportation, logistics, and construction projects. Additionally, they have a much bigger responsibility than project managers to develop new businesses and alliances for their company, busines or organization. 

Which one is better?

It all comes down to your own preferences. If you’re more interested in a job in one of the sectors where commercial managers are engaged then perhaps working as a commercial manager is the best option. 

However, the project manager is a more ideal role if you have more knowledge  enjoy ICT, software development, and NGO projects. 

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