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Before starting, we need to know what is UI/UX about?

Have you ever considered how many of the events you go through were thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind? In the analog and digital worlds, user experiences are all around us. It is quite uncommon for a product to be created without taking into account how we use services, how we look for information, or how we perceive things. Since the UX and UI profiles are among the most in-demand today, with an annual growth of 18 percent, according to various studies, UX/UI design is the future.

But if you’re not familiar with them, these acronyms can be difficult to understand. Continue reading to learn what a UX/UI designer does to make your shopping experience one you won’t soon forget.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll be the upcoming generation’s top UX/UI designer.

What is a UX/UI Designer?

A UX/UI designer is a specialist who seeks for a simple, natural, and approachable solution to a problem based on the preferences, requirements, and views of a product or service’s consumers. In other words, they are in responsible of planning and ensuring the best possible client experience.

The term “UI,” or “User Interface,” refers to the process of developing an interface, which might be visual or mostly written in a language like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

User Experience, or UX, emphasizes social interactions and analysis while focusing on usability and the user’s experience throughout the process.

UX/UI designer skills

The UX/UI Designer frequently handles critical tasks such as developing user experiences that satisfy consumers’ needs, enhancing brand perception, and forging a strong connection with their products. Consider software programs like Netflix, Spotify, Google, Sheets or Zapier,and electronic devices like Google Home or Philips Hue. There has been a tremendous amount of user experience work put into making each and every one of them in order to produce an application that is simple, clear, effective, and beautiful.

A competent UX designer needs to have a variety of qualities in order to understand the context, daily activities, and demands of the user. Some of these qualities include creativity, empathy, and listening abilities.

A UX/UI specialist could need to grow into a specific function depending on the size of the team. One of these positions is the UX researcher, whose duties include assessing users and assisting in their understanding by eliciting information about them, observing their habits, and concentrating on their needs through research, surveys, and interviews. Their primary projects are frequently user experience maps, usability evaluations, and analytics reports.

Thus, the role of the UX writer is to understand and define communication with the user while researching their dialect to discover how the product should communicate with the customer. They often define the content generation approach and the user’s presentation by setting the communication tone and strategy.

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