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In Shopware we have three types of navigation, Main Navigation, Footer Navigation, and Service Navigation.

Main Navigation: This is a classic choice if you want a simple category structure with products and sales. Initially, the navigation is positioned below the shop logo, so if you have set up categories and their subcategories along with products and content, I recommend you choose this navigation.

Footer Navigation: With this navigation, you can place a structure at the bottom of your page (footer). This navigation is used if you want to have different pages of your website, such as your imprint or site privacy. Footer navigation is structured and sorted based on your categories and subcategories.

Service Navigation: This navigation is located higher up to the right of your shop and the same as footer navigation, the categories and subcategories of your site are displayed. The main difference is just the positioning.
My favorite design is where we display the main navigation vertically, the main reason being a very neat design, which the customer will appreciate. This comes in handy specifically when we have many types of categories or have many subcategories.
This menu is positioned on the left side and stands statically so that the client has access to categories or subcategories without having to go up to the header. This way, the customer achieves the desired product quickly and efficiently, which positively affects your business.

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