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How to import Shopware categories? 

Shopware is a German open-source platform aimed at improving the customer experience. Shopware was founded in 2000, and they now have over 80,000 satisfied customers. The great thing about Shopware is that the software is created by the users. As a result, the software not only is of a high quality, but it also meets the highest design and technology standards.

How to Import categories in Shopware to help you build up your online store.

Shopware categories overview

Categories are menu items in the main navigation, but they can also be found in the service navigation and the footer navigation.

The category structure is displayed as a fold-out menu on the left side. There, you can change the sorting by dragging and dropping – this is possible at every category level – and you can also move a category into another category as a subcategory.

As previously stated, the categories are also used for footer navigation and the service menu. Working with two or three category trees, can be beneficial for clear administration.

The “…” button opens the context menu for each category, which can be used to perform additional functions:

• New category before: Adds a new category to the same level as the selected one.
• New category after: Adds a new category to the same level as the selected one.
• New subcategory: Generates a new category one level beneath the currently selected category.
• Edit: Opens the right-side display for editing the selected category.
• Delete: Removes the selected category, as well as all subordinate categories.

How to Import categories in Shopware

Our team lets you avoid the complex category creation routine of Shopware 6. You can import all the necessary data, including the entire category tree structure. We can help you import your existing category tree to Shopware 6.

You can also try our Improved Import & Export Extension for Shopware to import categories. Also, bear in mind that the extension provides the ability to export categories.

How to automate import and export processes in Shopware 6?

Since it is impossible to automate recurring import and export processes with the default data transfer tools of Shopware 6, you need the Improved Import & Export extension to achieve this goal.
It lets you create a schedule of updates for each data transfer individually. After that, all data transfers run in the background automatically.

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