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What is a Batch?

Batch helps you gain more sales from buyers by making it easy to buy wanted items and also consider offers for items they would otherwise remove from their cart.

Let them choose the price!

The series is special because the offers you collect are PRE-AUTHORIZED with their price: you can turn them into new sales with just ONE CLICK. No need to ask the customer to pay after accepting an offer.

How does it work?

The group auction button appears on the product pages and in the shopping cart. You can personalize the button to look like you want. Increase sales and salvage cart abandonment, while your customers check and make requests for items for which they are unsure (or expect a discount). The customer can choose to make the checkout right away with ‘Buy Now’ button, with everything he needs right, and get valid deals on everything else in their basket!

Manage and review the shopping offers you receive on all products in your store.

Choose which offers you want to sell. You can activate offers one by one, for one whole product all at once. You choose which Batch to activate!

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