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Die Wichtigkeit von Amazon im E-Commerce

Amazon is the world’s largest and fastest-growing e-commerce platform, with a market share of over 50%. There are currently over 300 million active consumer accounts on Amazon, making it very appealing for entrepreneurs to take use of this large number of clients in order to get started with their products and develop a successful marketing plan.

But how do you get this visibility?

Our dedicated outsourcing team of specialists from the solution25 agency can do this for you. Since you, as an online retailer, want to achieve the best possible sales with your products on Amazon and appear at the top of the search results despite a large number of competitors, a certain understanding of Amazon is required. 

For this, it is necessary to know how to start product entry tactically and what are the most important aspects to rank organically by keywords that customers enter in the searches in the search results and also among all the existing competitor products Amazon to become discoverable. This is the next decisive factor in successfully selling your products in the marketplace. 

The PPC – Pay per Click campaigns. Here on Amazon, paid advertising is placed on e.g. But in this case, you should work with caution and the right strategies. In order not to waste money and also to rank at the top of the first search results pages, it is necessary to create the PPC campaigns correctly and also to optimize the campaigns regularly on a weekly basis. 

But it is not only important to be findable on Amazon because in order for the customer to ultimately buy your product, your product page must also be completed according to Amazon guidelines and created in a way that attracts customers. Because Amazon offers a variety of options that you can build into the listing of a product to expand your shop. Our trained online marketing team from solution25 accompanies you on this path.With Shopfiy and Shopware platform you can effortlessly integrate your Amazon account to your shop. 

How is Amazon trading operated?

First of all, a professional seller account is set up in the Amazon Seller Central and all necessary information and documents are stored in the seller account, including trading authorization, proof of identity, bank account, etc. 

Certificates may also be required for the products you want to offer. The trade is operated by Amazon FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA, you as an online retailer can sell your products via the marketplace in a wide variety of countries and Amazon also takes over some logistical tasks, including storage, packaging, franking, shipping the products to the end customer, as well as returns management and customer service. By sending your products to the Amazon logistics centers, the goods reach your customers across the globe faster.Our team can help you set up The Amazon Seller app.

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