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M-commerce (mobile commerce)

M-commerce (mobile commerce) refers to the purchase and sale of products and services via wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. M-commerce is a type of e-commerce that allows customers to access online purchasing platforms or Apps without having to use a desktop computer.

M-commerce has the greatest impact on the following industries:

1. Financial services, such as mobile banking (in which consumers use their handheld devices to access their accounts and pay their bills) and brokerage services (in which stock quotes are shown and trading is conducted using the same handheld device).
2. Telecommunications, where service changes, bill payments, and account reviews may all be done with a single mobile device.
3. Service and retail, with customers being able to place and pay for items on the move.
4. Information services, such as financial news, sports statistics, and traffic updates are sent to a single mobile device. The Shopify and Shopware are known to be platforms who are mobile friendly for ecommerce shops.

“Web design is responsive design(mobile). Responsive web design is web design, done right.”

Responsive design is currently a graphic user interface (GUI) design strategy for creating content that adapts easily to different screen sizes. Designers use relative units (percentages) and media queries to ensure that their designs adjust to the browser space and maintain content uniformity across devices.

You design for flexibility in every area of responsive design, including pictures, text, and layouts. So, here are some recommendations:

Consider creating the “mobile first” strategy.

Design for larger screens by scaling up phone-sized designs.

Always keep in mind that mobile users require buttons that are large (>40 points). Also, because the need for well-sized items on smaller screens can cause cramping and confusion, your design must be twice as intuitive as desktop equivalents.

Create graphics and grids that are fluid:

Create photos in their original size. If you don’t have enough room, crop them to make the most of your area.

Only use vector graphics that can be scaled (SVGs). These are 2D graphics file formats based on XML that feature interactivity and animations.

Include at least three breakpoints (i.e., design for three or more devices)

Prioritize and hide material based on the context of the user. Examine your visual hierarchy and make use of progressive disclosure and navigation drawers to provide consumers with the information they require first. Keep non-essentials (nice-to-haves) on the back burner.

Aim for simplicity and minimalism

Apply design patterns – To maximize ease of use for users in their contexts and quicken their familiarity: e.g., the column drops pattern fits content to many screen types.

Aim for accessibility with font sizes/styles. Use contrast and background effectively. Make headlines at least 1.6 times bigger than body text. Make all text responsive so it appears in these proportions. 

As some users rely on screen readers, make all your text “real” instead of text within images.
Overall, responsive design is a powerful and economical approach, but its “easy” nature is deceptive.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile commerce

The advantages of m-commerce include:

Added customer retention by being more easily accessible
More convenience for customers in comparing prices, reading reviews and making purchases without the need of a desktop computer
Wider variety of products and services
Automates a businesses’ point of customer contact and sales

Disadvantages of m-commerce include:
A poorly executed mobile experience can deter customers from making purchases
Mobile payment options are not available in every geographic location and may not support every type of digital wallet
Businesses must know and comply with tax laws and regulations of all countries they ship to (some businesses will avoid this by only allowing purchases and shipping from their country of origin).
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