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Amazon is the fastest growing e-commerce platform and leads the global market with around 300 million active customer accounts. The platform offers a variety of products around the world. 

On Amazon, you can decide whether you want to ship your products to the customer yourself (Fulfillment by Merchant) or whether you store your products in the Amazon warehouses. From there, the products are shipped to the end customer (Fulfillment by Amazon). 

Some advantages of using the FBA program: 

• Amazon increases visibility 

 Products get the promo logo 

  Amazon takes on many logistical tasks 

You can also start various advertising campaigns for your products. With the right strategy, you are able to rank high in the Amazon search results. For example, PPC campaigns gives you the option to set the paid total for each click that results from the created advertising campaign. 


Otto GmbH & Co KG is a German trading and service company founded in 1949. Around 52,000 employees work for this company worldwide. Otto is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Europe. It is also the largest online retailer for European end consumers in the areas of fashion and lifestyle. 

In the shopping world of Otto.de, you will find a large number of products for the fields home furnishings, technology and fashion. 

You can start as a seller with the Otto Partner Connect program and market your products here as well. You can’t storage your products at Otto and the delivery of the offered products must be sent to the end customer by yourself. But there is the possibility of advertising through PPC advertising campaigns, too. 


The online shop, which still belonged to real in 2020, was taken over by Kaufland. The online marketplace with more than 7,000 retailers offers over 25 million items in more than 5,000 product categories such as household appliances, consumer electronics, clothing, toys, sports equipment, bicycles, car accessories and furniture. 

You also have the opportunity to present yourself as a seller on the marketplace and advertise your products. 


With the METRO marketplace, a new shopping portal has been created in September 2019. This is aimed primarily at retailers who sell hotel, restaurant and relevant goods and products for the catering industry. By providing the online B2B marketplace, Metro wants to change the future of e-commerce for businesses. 

As a seller, you can complete the registration of your seller account in the Metro Marketplace, list your products and send the sold products to the end consumer through your logistics service provider. Fast customer service is offered for any questions you might have. The visibility and reach of your products is provided to you by Metro.com. 


Founded in September 1995 in the USA, eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces. All kinds of products are offered on this marketplace. It is possible to auction new and used products at a fixed price. 

Due to popularity, there is already a large customer base on eBay, so it is ideal for an online retailer to sell its products here as well. 


The Wayfair marketplace was founded in the USA in 2002 and now offers other online retailers the opportunity to advertise their products. The Company has department stores and offices in various areas of the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

A variety of products from over 11,000 brands are for sale on the Wayfair platform. The products offered include many household products, furniture, toys and much more. Again, all you need to do is register and list your products to start selling. 

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