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Topic 1

I will start with a question: Where does UX design take us in 2022? 

Based on the book I read, “The Design of Everyday Things” by Donald Norman, it’s important to see and reflect on your work everywhere. In my case it’s about my work as a UX/UI Designer. Your daily life says a lot about how you responsibly manage and see your work. I think we can find a better connection with work and be inspired by the moment we apply tips and tricks we learn daily and train our mind in viewing perspectives and things differently. It’s important to see and think about life in a positive way. Don’t just work but don’t procrastinate either. You must find reasons why it’s significant for you to work every day. Make sure to live and work your day as if it was your last one, so you can achieve your fullest potential. This is how things get done! The year is 2022, so it depends on us, you and me, to take our design to the next level. UX Design isn’t taking us anywhere, us designers decide which direction UX should go this year. 

Topic 2

As Austin Klein says in “Steal Like an Artist” you should organize your daily and weekly work, put plans for the next months and visualize yourself. Think how and where you would like to yourself in 2-3 years and work on yourself and do so before it’s too late. Be productive by watching tutorials and learning new tips and tricks on XD or Figma. 

Topic 3

Before starting a project, ask as many questions as possible for a better user experience. Finish your daily tasks, organize your project and learn how to estimate your work. It is a process to learn every day but keep doing it. Make mistakes and fall in love with your mistakes because it will make you a better designer. Also, get feedback from others. 

Topic 4

When you get all the info, you start your ideas by putting everything on paper (wireframes) and making a simple experience that the user would enjoy. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes to improve your ideas. 

Topic 5

Make sure you’re done with the style guide, fonts, and sizes. Search on Dribble, Behance and Landingfolio, whenever you’re stuck on some UX parts. Don’t let yourself get stuck and try to find a solution. Just like our company’s name suggests, no matter how clueless we are during stressful hours we always remember there is a solution for everything. So, find yours. 

Topic 6

After you are finished with the wireframes and the user experience, look over everything with your team. Change things that may not seem appropriate or fitting for the website you’re creating. 

Topic 7

The process isn’t easy but, in the end, it’s for you to decide whether your project will take you to your limit as a designer or not. I think you should give your best and put a smile on your faceIt all depends on your choices on how you want to make your work or life look. 

Topic 8

Get feedback from your client and revise what has been requested. Make sure everything is in the right place and has meaning. 

Topic 9

Be open-minded for everything that comes during the process. I can’t tell you how to do your exact work and only speak from experience and how it works for me. I personally learn from different designers and copy, copy, copy until I get to see my own version. 

Topic 10

Start now, and you’ll make your life easier than it ever was. Keep working. As it is said in our country:  Work day and night, so tomorrow you’ll see a bit of light. 

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