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The ease of using the internet has its downsides. If the customer is comfortable in your page, it will be easier for them to save an item for later purchases. As I mentioned earlier, surfers may not be buyers, so proper shopping basket positioning is extremely vital for a business to increase its conversion rate. In other words, the online shopping cart has a crucial role to play in turning potential customers into customers or buyers. 

For shoppers, the shopping cart is the site to place and review things before you pay. Customers can manage all the things they want to buy in advance; make specific changes in quantity, size, color; carry out the checkout process, and review whether those items are worth buying or not within their budget.

For store owners, a virtual shopping cart is a tool that helps you keep an eye on customer shopping behaviors and understand what attracts customers the most and what makes them quit their shopping items. For example, you can estimate at what point shoppers need a long time considering to place an order, at what time of day spend the most looking for new purchases, or for what reasons customers leave their shopping carts empty. This enables stores to create critical analytics for some issues and come up with appropriate solutions in a timely manner.

How does it work step by step?

Add to Cart

Imagine customers navigating your store to find their favorite goods or services. This search process is the initial step that turns a visitor into a potential buyer. With the help of the “Add to Cart” button that appears on each product page, customers can easily select those items for further consideration.

Creating the first impression of an easy-to-use utility, created for the benefit of the customers, is the biggest action to attract the customers to move on to the next step.

Cart processing

A user-friendly shopping cart is so vital that it can make customers decide whether to buy desired items or not. The more convenient it is to make adjustments to the online shopping cart, the more willing are buyers to proceed further with the purchase.

These settings ideally should include adding new items, deleting selected items, changing the quantity, size, colors, material, etc.

Customers should be able to perform these actions with just a few clicks. The total price of all items (even after adjustment) can be automatically calculated for customers to help them proceed to the next step. Only when these steps function safely, will customers be ready to spend their money. Clicking the Checkout button takes them to the next step.


At this stage, customers are asked to add the payment details that are required for payment, such as name, address, phone number, credit card number, etc. The amount of data to be provided is quite large, which can cause impatience and disappointment for buyers. 

If you do not want customers to exit the cart, keep this process concise and convenient with support features like automatic address suggestions, different payment methods, or multiple shipping options. With a simple click on the Send / Finish order button, customers can then review their order information again to make sure there are no errors. If there don’t arise any obstacles, your store has successfully turned a visitor into a buyer.

Buy more

Although it is a success to force customers to spend their money on your online store, the shopping cart function does not stop there. I bet you want to make customers continue to buy more and more even after they have completed their first purchase. This is why a Continue shopping button is essential if you do not want your customers to leave.

By clicking on this button, customers can return to the shopping website and continue browsing for more products. Not only a Continue Buy button but also some automatic suggestions should be considered. Customers can add them and buy without having to leave the cart.

Last minute changes to the cart

Online customers tend to be insecure sometimes, and it is not uncommon to make a last-minute change of mind. Make sure you can enhance their shopping experience to the highest level by allowing them to modify their shopping cart online. Let them delete or add one or more items, or even let them go back to their shopping cart to change whatever they want.

In any circumstance, customers always want comfort. The rapid growth of online businesses makes it easier for stores to achieve their intended purpose relating shop user-friendliness. If you want to know more about e-commerce development platforms or apps, read our blog posts for Shopify and Shopware. Our dedicated outsourcing team can be your collaborator in ecommerce.

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