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The word solution forms the feeling of a solution to a problem or challenge, to achieve success from a certain something.
That same feeling, solution25 gives to its customers, solving all software problems and helping to develop new ideas.
But, from 2016 until now in 2022, many things have changed. It is worth mentioning that solution25 has another branch in Kosovo, and its staff is expanding every day more.

Solution25 has started with only three employees, and now in 2022, solution25 counts close to 50 employees, professional staff, young and motivated for work, thus enabling young people in Kosovo to work with European standards for a better future.
In terms of clients, at the beginning solution25 had contracted only international clients, mainly German, but now its clientele has expanded.
Last year solution25 has exiled in the Kosovo market as well, reaching out to some of the most successful and prevailing businesses in Kosovo, which will spike very quickly in the international market.

The year we just left behind, was the most successful year of solution25 since its establishment, where the number of contracted projects has exceeded the number of over 50 projects.
In addition to other technologies, solution25 also offers an e-commerce development service. It is one of the few companies in Kosovo, which provides consultancy, programming, shop development from scratch, and professional online marketing among other services.
On the marketing part, solution25 helps and advises businesses on how their business succeeds and reaches the highest peaks of online sales.

The staff of solution25 are experts and qualified people in the field of technology, who perform the work with a lot of will and desire, respecting the requirements of the clients.
In addition to the part of the technology expert staff, it is worth mentioning that solution25 gives opportunities to young people who want to train and improve themselves in this field, enabling them to do paid internships, and later consider further employment opportunities.
During this period of time, they have the opportunity to conduct training, to engage firsthand with our clients, but it always depends on their performance and interest in the work.
The atmosphere within the working staff is always harmonious and good collegial relations make the workplace special at solution25, where every team member would like to contribute and give the best version of themselves.
solution25 is not just a job but a big family.

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