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Free reports conducted by our Q&A team. Apply now and get your own report on the following subjects.

    • SEO (On-page & Off-page)
    • Page speed analysis
    • Code refactor analysis
    • UI/UX Design analysis

SEO Analysis

On-page SEO optimization

    • Title tags
    • Content
    • Headings
    • SEO Audit
    • Technical issues
    • Information architecture
    • Sitewide internal linking
    • Internal links containing keywords

Off-page SEO optimization

    • Guest posting
    • Guest posting
    • Spam score
    • Reviews among others
    • Domain authority
    • Content marketing
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Page speed analysis

Page speed impacts your search engine rankings, your customer satisfaction, and most importantly your conversion rate. Want to see where your website's at on page speed? We analyze the following issues for free:

    • Landing page redirections
    • CSS, HTML and JavaScript code review
    • Check server response time
    • Evaluate render-blocking JavaScript
    • Review image quality

Code refactor analysis

We can analyze your web's code structure, unnecessary spaghetti and unused code. All websites need proper coding systems and organized syntax for proper functionality. You're not sure if your website is reasonably programmed? No worries, we can have a look for you on the following issues:

    • Headings analysis
    • Check for more than three parameters per function
    • Check if functions have more than one operation
    • Check for comment usage
    • Checking media query usage
Shefqet Maloku Core review

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UI/UX Design analysis

How we analyze UI – User Interface

    • Interface consistency
    • Navigation
    • Imagery
    • Visual hierarchy
    • General aesthetic
    • Contrast

How we analyze UX – User Experience

    • Responsivity
    • Structure & Flow
    • User trust
    • AB test plan
    • Interactions
    • Inclusive content
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