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Welcome to solution25, Genc!

It is with great joy and excitement to announce that the Vice President of Deutsche Post, Genc Rama, has joined our team as our official partner. Genc brings a lot of drive and experience in various areas from which not only we, but also you will benefit. 

First steps in e-commerce

After successfully completing his studies in economics, he began his career as a passionate e-commerce expert at “Post & Paket”. Initially, he only examined small and medium-sized business customers. Over time, he gained a foolproof status and took on more and more sales responsibilities. 
After proving his dedication yet again, he was appointed as Vice President. He is responsible for over 200 million turnovers yearly in DHL. With this career, Genc brings enormous knowledge in the e-commerce field. On top of that, Genc is exceptional in communication and has great analytical and technical skills. His main purpose is to increase our company’s presence and market. He is a person that oversees activities and strategic planning and decision making in our company. 

Logistics and e-commerce – combined

A central aspect of his area of responsibility was not only to create the interface between the company and e-commerce. Processes were gradually digitized directly and thus made more accessible for users. The key word here is usability. Digital options were not only offered to end customers; automation processes were also implemented on a digital level within logistics. Genc was thus able to implement a digital reform in Deutsche Post, which has made things easier for many people. 

Genc has embarked on a new adventure with us. Apart from his current developments in e-commerce, he continues to work with Deutsche Post. As we already mentioned above, this partnership is not only of great benefit to us. This also has many advantages for the e-Commerce market.

•Many years of experience in e-commerce and marketing
•Many years of experience in the organization and digitization of logistics
•Conception of e-commerce strategies
•Implementation of automation processes

In other words Genc is a key decision-maker for solution25. He is always mindful to not micromanage. When it comes to challenges, he drives attention at complex, big-picture questions that bring opportunities to our company. 

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